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Every Small Thing Matters to a Baby Brain

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Suzanne Milkiewicz-Bryjak, MA, RN, HN-BC

Jan Brunstrom-Hernandez, MD

Restoring Emotional Connection in the NICU through Family Nurture Intervention:

A Paradigm Shift to Bridge Research into Reality

Hear all about the randomized control trials of FNI in the NICU and the long term developmental outcomes. Along with hearing the impact on the NICU nursing staff.

Living with CP:

Perspectives from the Incubator to the Clinic and Beyond

Learn about the benefit to infant, child and/or family of early diagnosis of CP. Hear examples of communication strategies that may improve how the diagnosis of CP is delivered to parents/caregivers.

Paige Church, MD

Diane Wilson, NNP

Behavioural Phenotype of Prematurity:

The Perfect Storm of 'Minor' Morbidities

Learn about the 'minor' morbidities or the characteristics of the bhavioural phenotype of prematurity. Hear about the gaps in follow-up care.

Intraventricular Hemorrhage and Post Hemorrhagic Ventricular Dilation:

Current Approaches to Improve Outcome

Hear different nursing interventions to prevent IVH.

Kim Marsh, NNP

Heather Young, NICU OT

Increasing Skin to Skin in a Level IV NICU:

A Quality Improvement Project

Identify multidisciplinary team members needed to promote skin to skin holding practices in the NICU. Learn about potential barriers to supporting skin to skin and also the interventions to safely increase the rate of skin to skin holding.


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Marissa Johnson, MSN, RNC-NIC

NICU Educator, University of Iowa

Jessica Jones, NNP-BC

St. Joseph's Women's & Infant, Tampa, FL

Bedside Care of the Uber Mirco-Preemie

Less Than 24 Weeks


Learn practical bedside strategies for providing skin-to-skin care, initiating feeding protocols, and optimizing positioning for babies less than 24 weeks. Marissa will be sharing education strategies for expanding your NICU practice to this special population. If your NICU is caring for the uber-preemie then don't miss this talk!

Optimize Temperature Management of the ELBW


Jessica Jones is tackled the all-important bedside topic of temperature management of the ELBW population. This is one of those topics that is easy to do but has many complexities and can create a giant impact on mortality. Jessica shared with us her capstone research and bedside strategies to improve care.

Alison Thomas, RNC-NICU

Small Baby & ECMO Coordinator, Huntington Memorial, Pasadena, CA

Sue Ludwig, OTR/L, CNT

President and Founder of NANT, Author

Palliative Care & the ELBW


Alison Thomas is an expert NICU nurse with decades of experience in caring the sickest babies in her NICU. She's recently developed a passion for bereavement and palliative care as well. In this webinar she'll be sharing with us best practices for one of the most challenging aspects of care in the NICU.

Book Discussion - Tiny Humans, Big Lessons


Watch the replay of our open forum discussion with Sue Ludwig, OT, Founder of NANT and author of the new Amazon best seller, "Tiny Humans, Big Lessons". We shared snippets and take aways from the book during the live session, I know you'll love it!





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