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Caring Controversies

During Cooling

FREE Webinar Series

To honor HIE Awareness and celebrate this important topic, we are offering a free series of recorded lectures that focus on the most controversial topics related to bedside caregiving during cooling.

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Two BONUS Webinars!

Dr. Lina Chalak

Dr. Wissam Alburaki

The Conundrum of Managing

Babies with Mild HIE

In this special webinar event on May 20th, Dr. Lina Chalak will summarize the evidence that neonates with mild HIE are at significant risk for adverse long term outcomes and will elaborate on the possible role of EEG, amplitude EEG and parenteral involvement to guide decision making during the first 6 hours of life, which still remains to be the critical window of time for offering cooling.

Feeding During Cooling - Protocol & Practice Updates

We are so lucky to have Dr. Wissam Alburaki, a neonatologist from New Brunswick joining us LIVE on Wednesday, June 29th at 8am Pacific/11am Eastern for a presentation and discussion about best practices and protocols for offering feeding during cooling babies with HIE. This is the final bonus session of our Caring During Cooling webinar series.

Caring for Babies with HIE is Challenging

Compared to many other skills in the NICU, caring for a baby with HIE while undergoing therapeutic hypothermia is still a relatively new specialty and it continues to evolve as new research is completed.

Although there is little argument on the benefits of offering cooling to babies with moderate and severe HIE, there are a few areas of nursing and medical care that are often debated and even controversial.

In our cooling series, you will learn from leading experts on some of the hottest areas of controversy when it comes to cooling babies with HIE in the NICU.

Do you oftentimes wonder if you should...

  • Offer cooling to babies with Mild HIE?
  • Feed babies during cooling?
  • Let parents hold their baby during cooling?
  • Have standardized scripts for updating parents during cooling?

If you are curious about the latest research on these controversial topics, then sign up for our free mini-course now.


Betsy Pilon, Hope for HIE

Dr. Alfonso Vargas

Parenting the Infant with HIE

Betsy Pilon is mom of a 9 year of boy with HIE and now is serving as the Executive Director for Hope for HIE. She will share with us all about the parent perspective on cooling.

Cooling for Mild HIE

Dr. Alfonso Vargas will share with us why we may need to rethink our current criteria for cooling and outline his team's process for evaluating babies with Mild HIE before offering cooling.

Dr. Mohamed El-Dib

Dr. Michael Weiss

Ventilating During Cooling

This important and under discussed topic was presented as a live session on April 8 with our special guest lecturer Dr. Mohamed El-Dib.

Feeding During Cooling

Dr. Michael Weiss will share the current evidence related to offering minimal enteral feeds during cooling and walk us through the Florida protocol for feeding and their study results.

Dr. Alexa Craig

Cecelia Glennon, NNP-BC, C-NNIC

Communicating During Cooling

Dr. Alexa Craig, MD has published several articles describing best practices for communicating with parents whose newborn is undergoing cooling. She will be sharing her research and advice for how we can all improve the care we provide.

Holding Babies During Cooling

Watch this special presentation by Celia Glennon, lead NNP of the NeuroNICU at Lucile Packard/Stanford. She shared with us her experience creating a holding algorithm for critically ill infants and the results from her pilot study on Holding During Cooling.

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During our mini-course we will take a look at some of the most important care practices:

  • Holding during cooling
  • Feeding during cooling
  • Partnering with parents during cooling
  • Offering cooling to the baby with mild HIE
  • Respiratory strategies during cooling

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